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Origami Foxes 🦊

Foxes belong to the autumn simply to it! The cute origami foxes 🦊🍂 are easily folded in just a few steps and therefore also suitable for beginners.The manual for the free Download gives it under 👉 fun folding! 🌟#ursusdiy #origamiidee #origamibasteln #herbstbasteln #fuchsbasteln #origamifox #herbstidee #buntpapierfabrik #ludwigbaehr

Twinkle Star

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 🌟 the beautiful lantern “Twinkle Star” is not only great on Saint Martin, but also for decoration. It is available in four different variations. Tip: With an LED decoration light, St. Martin will definitely become an unforgettable event. The lantern is of course made in Germany. #laternenzeit #ursusdiy #sanktmartin #laternenbasteln #laternen […]

URSUS® Lantern “Blank”

The lantern “Blanko” gives free rein to children’s imagination! 🌟 4 surfaces to cut, punch, tingling, etc. to own motives Afterwards the created motives can be glued behind with transparent paper. With a LED decoration light the lantern run becomes a safe experience for young and old. The lantern is naturally made in Germany. #laternenzeit […]