Mini table lights

Mini Tischlicht 184000162 184000163

Glad you’re celebrating with us – hopefully we’ll get to say that again very soon! ❤Until then, it’s love – but with distance!The packs mini table lights “Nice that you celebrate with me” contains 5 table lights.Tip: Stick the table lights together with our URSUS double-sided tape instead of glue. ursusdiy #tischlicht #konfirmation #kommunion #bastelidee […]

Folding sheets tracing paper “Fairy dust”

Faltblätter Transparentpapier "Feenstaub"

We are simply enchanted by our new folding sheets transparent paper “Fairy dust” 🧚In one package are 50 transparent papers in 15 x 15 cm.The folding sheets transparent paper “fairy dust” are of course made in Germany! ✅ ursusdiy #origami #origamipapier #paperaddicted #origamiidee #kreatividee #basteln #faltblätter #faltidee #buntpapierfabrik #ludwigbähr

URSUS® Synthetic Paper Translucent

Synthetic Paper Translucent

Create beautiful gradients and unique artwork with Alcohol Ink – it’s possible with our fantastic Synthetic Paper Yupo®! Available in different sizes and two thicknesses. Tip: With Synthetic Paper Translucent you can create enchanting gradients on a milky translucent background! By the way, on our IGTV and YouTube channel you will also find many tutorials […]

Creative ideas with Magnetic Coloring

Magnetic Paper Patches

Magnetic paper? ⁉ Exactly! 🧲 Besides our cute Magnetic Paper Patches and Magnetic Paper Clips, there are also 2 assortments of Magnetic Coloring “Dreamworld” and “Adventure”. What is Magnetic Coloring? Colouring motifs that have been provided with a magnetic coating. The great colouring figures are spread over 2 DIN A4 sheets and are very easy […]

Magnetic Paper Clips “Frosty”

URSUS Magnetic Paper Clips als Lesezeichen

Whose New Year’s resolution was to read more? 🙋🙋 A good book, a cosy blanket and a delicious cup of tea – that’s all you really need for contentment.The only difficult thing is deciding which Magnetic Paper Clips motif to use as a bookmark. Which one would you choose? #ursusdiy #booklover #resolution2021 #bookworm #bookmark #diylesezeichen […]


Origami Schweine

Origami pigs for good luck for the new year! 🐖 Are they not cool with the 👀 eye stickers!?The folding instructions are also suitable for origami beginners. We folded the cute pigs from the folding sheets Metallic.We wish you a happy new year! Come well over into the year 2021! 🍀 ursusdiy #wirfeiernzuhause #origami #origamischwein […]

Beautiful lightboxes!

URUS Lightbox

🎇 Available in 2 sizes and many wonderful motifs, the Lightboxes enchant us again and again! The craft sets are of course including LED lights and made in Germany. 👍The Lightbox seen in the photos is the assortment “Gingerbread” with the art no.: 2149 00 03. Beautiful, isn’t it? ursusdiy #winterbasteln #weihnachtsbasteln #winterdiy #weihnachtsdeko #buntpapierfabrik […]