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Kreuzstich Motive

Cross stitch motifs from kraft cardboard 🦄A classic of crafting revisited!Cute motifs such as unicorn, fox, dino, cat and Co. invite you to sew, paint, laugh and make up stories together.The cheerful embroidery needles are also suitable for children’s hands due to their flattened tip!The cross stitch motifs are of course made in Germany. ❤ […]

Magnetic Coloring

URSUS Magnetic Coloring »Adventure«, A4, 2 Blatt

Exciting coloring motifs that are also magnetic! That’s Magnetic Coloring. We love it! 😍The great coloring figures are spread over two A4 sheets and are very easy to break out, color and staple to anything that is magnetic!The imagination knows no bounds! 🤗 ursusdiy #magneticcoloring #ausmalmotive #kinderbasteln #bastelidee #kreatividee #magnetic #ausmalidee #ausmalen #kinderbeschäftigung #buntpapierfabrik #ludwigbähr

Live Love Laugh

URSUS Designkarton "Lifestyle"

We have decorated the blank gift box with the design cardboard “Lifestyle”. In a package of the design cardboard are 5 sheets in A4 and 5 designs, as well as 20 matching stickers. For that certain something, the design cardboard and stickers are partially foil-finished. #ursusdiy#paperlover#paperaddict#livelovelaugh#kakteen#kaktus#geschenkverpackung#bastelidee#geschenkbox#designkarton#buntpapierfabrik#ludwigbähr

Mini table lights

Mini Tischlicht 184000162 184000163

Glad you’re celebrating with us – hopefully we’ll get to say that again very soon! ❤Until then, it’s love – but with distance!The packs mini table lights “Nice that you celebrate with me” contains 5 table lights.Tip: Stick the table lights together with our URSUS double-sided tape instead of glue. ursusdiy #tischlicht #konfirmation #kommunion #bastelidee […]

Folding sheets tracing paper “Fairy dust”

Faltblätter Transparentpapier "Feenstaub"

We are simply enchanted by our new folding sheets transparent paper “Fairy dust” 🧚In one package are 50 transparent papers in 15 x 15 cm.The folding sheets transparent paper “fairy dust” are of course made in Germany! ✅ ursusdiy #origami #origamipapier #paperaddicted #origamiidee #kreatividee #basteln #faltblätter #faltidee #buntpapierfabrik #ludwigbähr

URSUS® Synthetic Paper Translucent

Synthetic Paper Translucent

Create beautiful gradients and unique artwork with Alcohol Ink – it’s possible with our fantastic Synthetic Paper Yupo®! Available in different sizes and two thicknesses. Tip: With Synthetic Paper Translucent you can create enchanting gradients on a milky translucent background! By the way, on our IGTV and YouTube channel you will also find many tutorials […]

Creative ideas with Magnetic Coloring

Magnetic Paper Patches

Magnetic paper? ⁉ Exactly! 🧲 Besides our cute Magnetic Paper Patches and Magnetic Paper Clips, there are also 2 assortments of Magnetic Coloring “Dreamworld” and “Adventure”. What is Magnetic Coloring? Colouring motifs that have been provided with a magnetic coating. The great colouring figures are spread over 2 DIN A4 sheets and are very easy […]