We are of the opinion that economy and ecology do not have to be mutually exclusive.

As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our corporate responsibility and would like to contribute to the preservation of our environment with imaginative measures and their implementation.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing:

We do not use ecologically harmful dyes in paper processing.

All colours used are solvent-free and therefore do not constitute hazardous waste.

Fresh cellulose is used for the production of the product groups photo board, tone drawing paper, letter paper and letter cards.

The main part of our products is produced in Germany. This saves transport routes and creates jobs. Every product manufactured in Germany is processed by hand: our sorted packs, our school cones and much more are packed by hand by our counters and our paper is dyed in our house. Products with the “lasered” button are manufactured by trained specialists using a high-power laser. Due to the proximity to the production we can guarantee the quality of every single product..