Advent calendar – looking forward to Christmas

The Advent calendar was once a timepiece. It was not until the 20th century that people began to fill it with sayings, small pictures or even sweets. For most people, an Advent calendar means not only anticipation, but also nostalgia. The Advent Calendars “Stars” and “Christmas Trees” in Scandinavian clear design are easy to make, compactly designed and can be filled with all kinds of beautiful things through the 24 small boxes.

URSUS Adventskalender „Sterne“
URSUS Adventskalender Sterne 17860001F

Advent calendar “Stars

The Advent Star is one of the most central symbols in the Christmas season. Combined with simple patterns in pink, taupe and white, this Advent calendar fits into any room concept and brings Hygge into your home.

URSUS® Advent calendar “Stars
Item no 1786 00 01F

Advent calendar “Fir trees”

The fir tree is a symbol for the Life that survives even the dark and long winter. The Advent calendar “Christmas trees” in the colour mix green and blue is all about the lifestyle trend Lagom.

URSUS® Advent calendar “Fir trees”
Item no 1786 00 02F

URSUS Adventskalender Tannenbäume 17860002F

URSUS® Advent calendar “Stars” und “Fir trees” – FSC certificated of course!