Wintry Paper Scenery – Atmospheric Eyecatchers

Hygge at home! Dreamy landscapes made of filigree paper motifs. The paper sceneries that are produced in Germany will enchant you in the twinkling of an eye! The scenes ” Elks ” and ” Santa’s sleigh ” are fast built and lasered from robust photo cardboard.
Our tip: decorate the scenes with a chain of lights or LED lights. This makes the interplay of light and shadow even more interesting! 

URSUS Winterliche Papierszenerie
URSUS Winterliche Papierszenerie Elche 17200001

Wintry Paper Scenery „Elks”

When the imposing elk steps out of the woods, everyone really stops their breath. Once you have seen him in reality, you won’t forget it so quickly! The gentle giants are certainly a special eye-catcher on the windowsill or the mantelpiece.

URSUS® Wintry Paper Scenery „Elks”
Item no 1720 00 01 

Wintry Paper Scenery „Santa‘s Sleigh“

Well, who’s coming? Santa has quickly stowed all the presents in his bag and is now hurrying from house to house. His reindeer are his faithful companions. “Santa’s Sleigh” is a wonderful eye-catcher not only on the chest of drawers, but also below the Christmas tree.

URSUS® Wintry Paper Scenery „Elks”
Item no 1720 00 01 

URSUS Winterliche Papierszenerie Santas Schlitten 17200002

URSUS® Wintry Paper Scenery – of course made in Germany!