URSUS® Glitter Stars “Estelle” – wintery Christmas magic

Christmas without stars is impossible, because they symbolize the Advent star of Bethlehem. He showed the Three Wise Men the way to the crib. Stars are a sign of hope in the darkest time of the year. The Glitter Stars “Estelle” in the trendy 3D look are an atmospheric decoration for Christmas. Available in the trend colours gold, silver, copper and red.

URSUS Stern Estelle Slider
URSUS Glittersterne Estelle Rot 33750000

URSUS® Glitter Star “Estelle” red
Item no 3375 00 00

URSUS Glittersterne Estelle Gold 33770000

URSUS® Glitter Star “Estelle” gold
Item no 3377 00 00

URSUS Glittersterne Estelle Kupfer 33760000

URSUS® Glitter Star “Estelle” copper
Item no 3376 00 00

URSUS Glittersterne Estelle Silber 33780000

URSUS® Glitter Star “Estelle” silver
Item no 3378 00 00

Glitter Star “Estelle”

Handicraft set available in red, copper, gold and silver. The sets contain materials for three 3D glitter stars in three sizes. 32 accessories included..

URSUS® Glitter Star “Estelle” – of course made in Germany!