URSUS® Sticker – Decorate at lightning speed

We love stickers! Not only do they decorate sticker albums whose contents can be exchanged in the schoolyard, but they can also be used to decorate Advent calendars or to send nice messages on gifts.

Sticker “Advent numbers”

Making an Advent calendar for someone special is for many a part of getting in the mood for Christmas. The charming stickers “Advent Numbers” are perfect for decorating and numbering individual packages or bags. 

URSUS® Sticker “Advent numbers”
Item no 5952 00 02F

Sticker “Christmas”

What would Christmas be without presents? Giving presents to others is also much nicer than receiving presents! Loving and funny sayings decorate every gift in the twinkling of an eye! With the stickers “Christmas” we show our friends and family how much we love them! 

URSUS® Sticker “Christmas”
Item no 5952 00 01F

URSUS® stickers “Advent numbers” and “Christmas” – FSC-certified, of course!