Instructions Birdhouse

URUS Birdhouse Picture


  1. Transfer the originals onto tracing paper and cut them out as
    templates. Transfer the templates onto the appropriate paper
    and cut them out. For filigree objects it is best to use
    a sharp craft knife
  2. Follow the dotted lines with a folding bone and prefold
  3. Fold the box together and decorate all elements on the
    box as you like

You can find more information about URSUS handicraft tools at:

The birdhouse can also be used as a birdhouse to be used. Watch out! Not water resistant!

Bastelanleitung Vogelhäuschen englisch 1
Bastelanleitung Vogelhäuschen englisch 2
Bastelanleitung Vogelhäuschen englisch 3
Bastelanleitung Vogelhäuschen englisch 4
  • Motiv photo album cardboard
    “Summer flowers”
    Art.-Nr.: 1272-22-128
  • Motiv photo album cardboard light green
    Art.-Nr.: 217-46-51
  • Motiv photo album cardboard dark green
    Art.-Nr.: 217-46-55
  • Motiv photo album cardboard dark yellow
    Art.-Nr.: 217-46-13
  • Paper Straw stripes red
    Art.-Nr.: 5676-00-03
  • Decorative accents “leaves duo”
    Art.-Nr.: 5634-00-99
  • Masking Tape light green
    Art.-Nr.: 5905-00-09