Manual Latern Owl Lagom

URSUS Laterne Lagom ENG

Folding instructions

  1. Transfer the originals on transparent paper and cut them out as
  2. Place the stencils on the corresponding paper, cut out all parts
    of the design and glue them together. For the reverse side, also
    make the templates mirror-inverted.
  3. Glue a transparent paper against the 3D lantern from the inside
    and put it together.
  4. first attach the owl body to the front and back of the 3D lantern.
  5. punch out the eyes with a motif punch made of clay cardboard.
    Use a white touch-up pencil to set highlights in the eyes.
  6. Attach the individual motif elements to the base body according
    to the template. Tip: Adhesive pads under the beak and the
    middle claws make the motif appear more plastic.
  7. Place the punched out fir trees, the rhinestones and the bow on
    the lantern and fix it with gemstone glue and hot glue.

You also need:
Pencil, ruler, scissors or craft knife, cutting pad, glue, gemstone glue,
hot glue gun, coloured pencils or pastel chalk, touch-up pencil, thin ribbon

Bastelanleitung Lagom ENG 1
URSUS Laterne Lagom Vorlage
URSUS Laterne Lagom Vorlage
  • Structura “Pearl 1”, lime
    Art.-Nr.: 8120-46-14
  • Structura “Pearl 1”, avocado
    Art.-Nr.: 8120-46-16
  • Chequered photo album cardboard
    “mini”, medium grey
    Art.-Nr.: 1237-46-81
  • Photo album cardboard with dots
    “mini”, medium grey
    Art.-Nr.: 1217-46-81
  • Photo album cardboard with stripes
    “mini”, medium grey
    Art.-Nr.: 1219-46-81
  • Tinted cardboard, black
    Art.-Nr.: 644-46-90
  • Translucent paper “uni”, white
    Art.-Nr.: 5048-46-00
  • Round lantern made of 3D
    coloured corugated board, white
    Art.-Nr.: 135-00-00
  • Design ribbons, “Christmas traditional”
    Art.-Nr.: 7451-00-17
  • Creative accessoires, “Stones”
    Art.Nr.: 5640-00-41
  • Embossing punches, “Fir tree”
    Art.Nr.: 1967-00-25
  • Motif punch “small”, “circle”
    Art.Nr.: 1947-00-03
  • Motif punch “medium”, “circle”
    Art.Nr.: 1948-00-03
  • Adhesive pads 2 mm
    Art.Nr.: 5653-00-00