Manual Santa's sleigh

Folding instructions

  1. Use tracing paper to transfer the originals to the photo boxes provided
    for this purpose (see original labeling).
  2. With the help of the folding bone, the various groove lines are drawn
    as marked on the template. Then all parts are cut out and folded at the
    groove lines.
  3. Fasten the rear curved cut parts (photoalbum
    cardboard number 22 ruby) to the back of the carriage (inside)
    with adhesive and form them with the help of a pin or folding bone.
  4. Coat the cut pieces from the photo cardboard “Sweet Christmas” with
    glue and glue them onto the corresponding parts of the sled (see
  5. Apply glue to the tabs of the carriage and fasten them.
  6. Apply glue to the tabs on the runners (photoalbum
    cardboard number 22 ruby) and fasten. Apply adhesive to the joints of
    the runners and secure to the bottom of the carriage. Form the front
    and rear skids into arches using a pin or folding bone.
  7. Now it’s time to decorate: Punch out several snowflakes from the
    glitter box silver and the photo box “Sweet Christmas” with the help
    of the motif holes. Stick them together with the help of adhesive pads.
    Decorate as desired with the creative accessories. Cut the banner
    from photoalbum cardboard ruby red or lime green (as you like)
    and decorate with the writing. Transfer all the individual elements to
    decorate the sled to the other side of the sled.

You also need:
Pencil, ruler, scissors, craft knife, cutting pad, folding bone, liquid glue
and hot glue

  • Item no. 1152 22 03
    Photo album cardboard “Sweet Christmas“, motif 03
  • Item no. 388 22 22
    Photo album cardboard 300 g/m², Colour 22 ruby
  • Item no. 388 22 53
    Photo album cardboard 300 g/m², Colour 53 lime green
  • Item no. 6210 46 89
    Glitter cardboard, Colour 89 silver
  • Item no. 5931 00 126
    Creative Sticker, motif 126
  • Item no. 5641 00 38
    Creative Accessoires “Mini Pack“, motif 38 light blue
  • Item no. 1947 00 71
    Motif Punch “small“ snowflake 2
  • Item no. 1948 00 71
    Motif Punch “medium“ snowflake 2
  • Item no. 1949 00 71
    Motif Punch “big“ snowflake 2
  • Item no. 5653 00 00
    Adhesive pads 2 mm