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  • URSUS® Handicraft set “Christmas”
    Item no: 794-00-99
  • URSUS® Handicraft scissors, round
    Item no: 1922-00-00
  • URSUS® Folding sticks
    Item no: 900-00-00
  • URSUS® Handicraft cutter
    Item no: 895-00-00
  • Glue
Transfer templates to the desired photo card motif and cut out.
Trace the fold lines using the folding leg.
Apply glue to the glue flap of the narrow side
and join the two sides of the star.
Now apply glue to the glue tabs of the star sides one after the other. and attach them from below to the sides of the prongs of the star base.
Bring the two star sides together.
Apply glue to the glue tab of the box and close it.
Then push the triangles into the slots provided.

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