Monthly Archives: November 2022

Colourful autumn kite

Now that it’s getting darker outside, you have to catch every ray of sunlight. 🌞 Colourful kites with transparent paper are wonderful for this. 🪁 You can make these very easily and let them shine colourfully in your window.🌈✨ You need: URSUS® Translucent paper (Paper for making kites) URSUS® Wooden sticks URSUS® Wiggly eyes URSUS® […]

Lantern handicraft set Easy Line

We are approaching St. Martin’s Day with big steps.✨ Don’t have a lantern yet, but need a quick and easy solution? Then we have just the right lanterns for you!☺️ With our lantern craft kits, you’re guaranteed to make it to the day after tomorrow!👍 Discover our many motifs now, there’s sure to be something […]

Starry sky lantern

You still need some inspiration for an easy lantern?!🌟 Then take a look at our starry sky. It’s very easy to decorate with cute balloons 🌃🎈✨ You don’t need much at all. Why don’t you try it out!🥰 You need: URSUS® Lantern handicraft set “Starry sky” URSUS® Photo album cardboard URSUS® Glitter cardboard URSUS® Jute […]