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Colourful braiding motifs

Everyone is familiar with braided motifs. Haven’t we all made them in our childhood!😁 There are so many ways to make great crafts with colourful braided strips. Here, for example, we use our pastel-coloured braided stripes to make the kitten a little more colourful.🐱 There are no limits to the creativity of patterns. Feel free […]

Set of accordion folded animals “Winter”

Christmas time is craft time!🎄 And for that, we have just the thing to make little children’s eyes sparkle. 🤩 Witch stairs are easy to make and a true classic, don’t you think? Then join your children in making the cheerful Christmas Set of accordion folded animals “Winter”. The cute little animals are all prepared […]

Colourful autumn kite

Now that it’s getting darker outside, you have to catch every ray of sunlight. 🌞 Colourful kites with transparent paper are wonderful for this. 🪁 You can make these very easily and let them shine colourfully in your window.🌈✨ You need: URSUS® Translucent paper (Paper for making kites) URSUS® Wooden sticks URSUS® Wiggly eyes URSUS® […]